I finally got to watch an entire movie start to finish last week. If you are a working parent, you know how tough this is. Someone is either hogging the box with Elmo or ICarly (my husband) or you are so exhausted by the end of the day you just can’t keep your eyes open.

he movie was Julie with Meryl Streep who was a spot-on Julia Child. The story is about Julie Powell who blogged every day for an entire year as she made recipes from the Julia Child cookbook. The blog was obviously successful, proving that anyone with compelling, relevant content can be a digital publisher. What impressed me most was her absolute commitment to her blog.

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More Eyes on YOUR Message

February 18, 2010

Email marketing is powerful. No other medium gives you the instant results that an email marketing campaign can produce. You know immediately who is opening your email and what they clicked. However, now your promotions and informational content no longer need to be limited to just the email addresses on your list. With social media added to the mix, you significantly expand your audience exponentially (think: Twitter and Facebook!).

RatePoint, ASI’s email marketing member benefit, has just announced a new feature that easily helps you combine email marketing and social media. RatePoint’s social media option will automatically post your email marketing content such as newsletters, coupons, specials and announcements about new or hot products directly to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. With very little effort you can push out content in one location without having to go to each social media site to send your posts.

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Video Marketing

November 5, 2009

At our yearly Halloween party my neighbor yelled over asking if my son, who is 18 months old, knew sign language. I raised a skeptical brow as she claimed he was signing the word "more" while eyeing up the cookies on the table. I politely told her she had enough wine and to put the bottle down.

Of course, my husband later confirmed with my son’s school that, yes indeed, they had been teaching sign language. Why? Little tots can’t communicate everything they want and need other ways to get noticed and express themselves.

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